Lace Nine: Sea Currents

Free-standing Sculpture
Phosphor Bronze – Bobbin Lace
15” H x 24” W x 18” D

This ribbon of lace is 9” wide.  It was intended to be one of the elements for a project I’m developing for the Burlingame (CA)  Library.  But the 9" width in bronze was soooooo heavy – it would not maintain the open spiral form that I created for the Library project.  Which then left me to figure out what to do with what was then my widest ribbon of lace.  So I played… now with no expectations, I played with the ribbon of lace, and I played with the two sets of long loose wire ends, ultimately creating something new.  It was my Museum Studios friend and colleague Neil Murphy who wandered in during play-time, and saw “sea currents”.

Exhibition:   Form and Function: Fiber Arts for the 21st Century  (2019 - 2020)

Catalogue:   MFA NeverRoot Division,  San Francisco, CA  (2020)

Exhibition:   100th Anniversary ExhibitionPacific Art League (2021 - 2022)

Award:          Honorable Mention, 100th Anniversary Exhibition, Pacific Art League (2021 - 2022)

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