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Making "Not a Bow"


Step 1

I pictured "Not a Bow" as a wall sculpture.  Here is the first ribbon of lace shaped and pinned to the corkboard.  It’s too open; I don’t know what to do with the ends. And it looks too much like my "Bow" Brooch.


Step 2

It took a while to realize that what it needs is more lace.  Using black wire-edged polyester ribbon, I mocked up the placement of a 2nd ribbon of stainless steel lace.


Step 3

The 2nd stainless steel ribbon is temporarily stitched in place. But now I have four ends to deal with and I don’t like any of my ideas.  


Step 4

Clearly this piece does not want to be wall-mounted, so I took it off the corkboard and placed it on a table.  I curved, folded and stitched the ends in place. But the piece was not stable. It could not support the weight of the top curls.  


"Not a Bow" wants to be suspended from the ceiling.

Berk Lace Two GB-14 600dpi -- shadow(2)
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