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She/They:  Pacific Rim Sculptors

Santa Cruz Art League, Santa Cruz, CA

January 19 – February 24, 2024

Barbara M. Berk’s pedestal-supported sculpture “Sea Currents” has been selected for She/They:  Pacific Rim Sculptors, a juried exhibition at the Santa Cruz Art League, Santa Cruz, CA.

The exhibition features contemporary art by members of the Pacific Rim Sculptors who identify as women, including non-binary and transgender artists. The work selected by juror Lauren Baines, interim Director of the de Saisset Museum, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA, reflects a variety of themes, approaches and media, and presents traditional and innovative techniques.

Barbara M. Berk’s sculpture embodies the interplay of metal –  historically considered the purview of men and industry – with traditional fiber techniques –  historically considered “women’s work” for the home.  She uses 16th century stitches to make bobbin lace, by hand, and then curves, loops, twists, interweaves, layers, sews, embroiders, welds and polishes the flat lace “fabric” into a 3-dimensional form.

Berk created “Sea Currents” with phosphor bronze wire.  Using 28 threads, each over 10 ft long, Berk created a ribbon of lace 9” wide x 5 ft long.  She then looped and curled the flat lace “fabric”, sewing it together with wire and playing with the  loose wire ends to embroider and embellish the lace.

The non-profit Pacific Rim Sculptors (PRS) is a chapter of the International Sculpture Center, publisher of Sculpture magazine.  With members in the San Francisco Bay Area, along the West Coast and elsewhere around the continent and the globe, PRS’s mission is to promote artistic excellence and provide collective opportunities & resources for members.  Further, PRS fosters the development of young artists and contributes to communities by increasing public awareness & appreciation of sculpture as an important art form.

The Santa Cruz Art League has been serving the community for over 100 years.  The mission of the Art League is to function as an agent for the artistic experience. The Santa Cruz Art League encourages visual and performing arts in an environment that is supportive to the artist, to students, and to the community. Approximately twelve art shows are held each year, some for members, some juried, and some invitational. SCAL holds three-hour, five- to six-week long classes and monthly weekend workshops throughout the year, as well as children’s theater classes, theater productions, and monthly book readings and signings by local authors.

Information about the exhibition

is courtesy of Pacific Rim Sculptors and Santa Cruz Art League.

About the work in the Exhibition:

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