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Not a Bow
(Lace Two)

Hanging Sculpture
Stainless Steel – Bobbin Lace
23” H x 16” W x 13” D

"Not a Bow" offered many surprises and changes of direction.  The first ribbon of lace I made was 3” wide x 87” long, but the 3-dimensional form it took was too open and looked too much like my Bow Brooch.  I added a second ribbon of lace, 81” long.  I had initially intended the piece to be wall-mounted.  Then I tried pedestal-supported.  But it really wanted to hang from the ceiling.  Lace Two became my first suspended sculpture. See "Making Not a Bow."

Exhibition:   Beyond the Warp & Weft: The Enduring Legacy of the Bauhaus (2019)

Artist Talk:   Transcending Textile Structures:  Weaving and Lace Making with Metal (2019)

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