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"Beyond the Warp and Weft: 
The Enduring Legacy of the Bauhaus"
Ruth's Table Gallery, San Francisco, CA
July 11 – August 30, 2019
Photo Credit: (Left) Devlin Shand for Drew Altizer Photography at Ruth's Table Gallery; (Right Top & Bottom) Morgan Murphy

Curated by Hanna Regev, Beyond the Warp and Weft:  The Enduring Legacy of the Bauhaus is the first of 4 exhibitions marking the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Bauhaus to be held at Ruth’s Table Gallery in San Francisco.   Beyond the Warp and Weft, according to Regev, “explores the far-reaching impact of the Bauhaus ideas in the contemporary textile and weaving field…With particular emphasis on the diversity of the working processes and innovative use of materials, the exhibition presents a stylistically diverse selection of works that combine hand weaving, textile, sound, science, sculpture and site-specific installation.”

Regev says that “Berk’s use of metal wires and textile techniques fits perfectly with the experimentation, innovation and creativity celebrated by the exhibition. Not only am I attracted to Berk’s elegant and precise hand-woven metal work – which I find irresistible – but her rebellious streak captures the spirit of the trailblazing women of the Bauhaus who transformed the approach to textiles and made the use of a variety of materials acceptable and even desirable.” 

“What better way,” Regev continues, “is there to celebrate the Bau centennial and the women in fiber arts during the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote than by introducing an element of surprise, provocation and the use of metalsmithing techniques that were for centuries in the male domain. Berk encapsulates these historic milestones in her work and also brings to mind a continuum with Ruth Asawa’s iconic sculptural wire works. Asawa remains a creative inspiration for Ruth’s Table programming and is present throughout this show.”

Artist Talk:   "Transcending Textile Structures:  Weaving and Lace Making with Metal" - August 1, 2019


About the work in the Exhibition:

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