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No Loose Ends
(Lace Four)

Hanging or Free-standing Sculpture
Phosphor Bronze – Bobbin Lace
32” H x 28” W x 12” D

I had made a short sample of bronze lace, 4.5” wide, and wondered if adding another ribbon of lace to it would create a complete sculpture.  Playing with the sample and some black polyester wire-edged ribbon, I estimated the dimensions, and then made the second piece of bronze lace.  Once the ribbons of lace were curled and stitched together, the long wire ends wanted to remain straight and loose.

Exhibition:    Reflections & Shadows (2017)

Publication:  Jewelry and Metalsmithing Survey (2017)

Exhibition:    Beyond the Warp & Weft: The Enduring Legacy of the Bauhaus (2019)

Artist Talk:    Transcending Textile Structures:  Weaving and Lace Making with Metal (2019)

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