Lace Four: No Loose Ends

Hanging or Free-standing Sculpture
Phosphor Bronze – Bobbin Lace
32” H x 28” W x 12” D

I had a short sample of 4.5” wide bronze lace and wondered if I could add to it to create a complete sculpture.  To estimate the length of lace I would need for a 2nd bronze ribbon and to help me “see” a potential new 3-D form,  I played with the short bronze sample and some black polyester wire-edged ribbon. Ultimately, I curled and stitched 2 pieces of lace together and then experimented with different end treatments.  Leaving the longest wires loose and straight proved to be the best arrangement.

Exhibition:    Reflections & Shadows (2017)

Publication:   Jewelry and Metalsmithing Survey (2017)

Exhibition:    Beyond the Warp & Weft: The Enduring Legacy of the Bauhaus (2019)

Artist Talk:    Transcending Textile Structures:  Weaving and Lace Making with Metal (2019)

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