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Variations on a Theme – Large Open Spiral 1:17
(Lace Fourteen)
LOS Horiz 1 Website_.jpg

Photo Credit: Fred Aron Photography

Pedestal-supported or Ceiling-suspended Sculpture

Phosphor Bronze – Bobbin Lace

12” H x 28” W x 13” D


The largest of 17 variations, this piece tested the limits of an open form in bronze, a denser, heavier metal. I first made a lace ribbon 9” wide x 42” long, but the spiral drooped and sagged.   Next, I narrowed the width to 6” and decreased the length to 31.5”, creating an open spiral drawn up and stabilized by long wire ends that become a riot of loops when stitched to the lace with wire rosettes.


PS:  I lengthened the 9” wide ribbon of lace to 60” and used it to create “Sea Currents”.  Stitching the lace to itself inside the curls eliminated the sagging and drooping, and locked in the form.

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Photo Credit: Fred Aron Photography

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