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Barbara Berk Wins 2004 AGTA Spectrum Award

February 2004

Berk Streamers.jpg

Foster City, CA – Barbara Berk is a winner in the 2004 AGTA Spectrum Awards competition hosted by the American Gem Trade Association. Over 560 entries were judged on the basis of overall beauty and wearability, innovative design, effective use of materials, quality of gemstones, quality of workmanship, broad-base consumer appeal and potential to generate positive publicity for natural colored gemstones.

Berk took 2nd Place in the Bridal category for “Streamers” a set of three pendants, featuring four cultured South Sea pearls, suspended from white silk ribbon. In her signature handwoven platinum, “Streamers” is Berk’s first bridal design.

Created in 1984, the AGTA Spectrum Awards competition honors, recognizeand promotes North American designers and lapidaries whose work utilizes natural colored gemstones and cultured pearls. It is a true contest of workmanship, creativity and innovation and the winners set the standards of excellence for the entire industry.

Barbara Berk creates jewelry using textile techniques with precious metals. Handwoven high karat gold or platinum “fabric” is shaped into ribbons and ruffles, spirals and loops – which become earrings, brooches, necklaces and pendants. Interchangeable stickpins and centerpiece are both ornamental and functional. Hers is a contemporary approach to classical forms and ancient techniques.

Barbara Berk received the 2002 Award for Excellence in Design from the Women’s Jewelry Association. She won First Place in the 2001 Saul Bell Design Award competition for jewelry design for her “Paisley” Pendant/Brooch, recently exhibited in Best of the Best at the Museum of the Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, CA. Her “Ruffle Brooch” is currently touring with The Art of Gold an exhibition of contemporary American studio goldsmithing curated by Michael Monroe. She is the author of “A Platinum Tapestry: Weaving all the Elements Together” published in Platinum Manufacturing Process Volume VIII, Platinum Day Symposium 2000, Platinum Guild International USA. Her jewelry is featured in the 2nd and 3rd editions of Textile Techniques in Metal by Arline M. Fisch (Lark Books 1996 and 2001).

Barbara Berk’s handwoven high karat gold and platinum jewelry is available at select retailers and shows across the country, as well as from her website.

View:   "Streamers"


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