Lace Six: Serenity
Eight ribbons, each 3” wide are mounted individually to the wall. Together, the ribbons
total over 270 linear inches of lace, made with almost 40,000 inches of wire.

Wall-mounted Sculpture
Stainless Steel – Bobbin Lace
65” H x 141” W x 8.25” D

Installed 2018

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Click through the slides to see the development of the wall sculpture.

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Where we started: the empty living room wall.

The 2-dimensional design projected on the living room wall.

Taped onto the living room wall, the muslin becomes the installation guide. Ready to drill into plaster!

Where we started: the empty living room wall.


Installing Lace Six: Serenity

In Her Own Words...

Berk’s client wanted something for her living room wall, but she didn’t know what that would be. Walking into Berk’s studio, her client remembers that she “was absolutely taken with the beauty of Barbara’s sculptures and instantly knew that it was this metal lace that I wanted on my wall…I responded to texture, design, and movement; to the workmanship and uniqueness of Barbara’s work. Perhaps most of all, I responded to light and how it interacts with the metal lace, creating ever-changing reflections and shadows…I am honored to own and live with this elegant and fascinating wall sculpture. I delight in its daily journey of dancing light and shadows.”