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Oskar Schlemmer's Dancer
(Lace Twelve)

Hanging Sculpture

Stainless Steel – Bobbin Lace

30” H x 15” W x 11” D


Katharina Powers, owner of Art Ventures Gallery in Menlo Park, CA, invited me to participate in her 2019 fiber art exhibition celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Bauhaus.  She specifically requested a sculpture to hang in the front window for Bauhaus Centennial – Taking Shape:  Bauhaus Fiber Art Exhibition.

Wanting my sculpture – and its shadow – to visually command the window, I twisted 12 very long strands of round stainless steel wire so I could make a very long, narrow ribbon of lace.  Each strand of twisted wire was over 25 feet long.   The flat ribbon of lace was 3” wide x 15 feet long, giving me lots of length to curl and loop and stitch together into a 3-dimensional form.

Quite serendipitously, that form, with its implied and actual movement through space, evokes the choreography and costumes of Oskar Schlemmer – head of the Bauhaus’ theatre department, best known for his “The Triadic Ballet”.

Exhibition:   Bauhaus Centennial – Taking Shape:  Bauhaus Fiber Art Exhibition (2019)

Exhibition:   “On the Edge”:  the de Young Open (2020-2021)

Exhibition:   100th Anniversary ExhibitionPacific Art League (2021 - 2022)

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