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"Ribbon" Centerpiece/Clasp 

Both decorative and functional, the "Ribbon" Centerpiece is a clasp you wear in the front.  Fully detachable, it is also interchangeable, allowing you to switch or combine strands of gemstone beads and pearls, and completely change the look of your necklace. You can also slip the strands onto a platinum S-hook to wear the strands by themselves in a classic way with the clasp behind your neck.

The "Ribbon" enables you to style your necklace wardrobe: dress it up, dress it down, wear the strands alone.  Customize.  Personalize.  This unique Centerpiece, easy to wear and versatile, will form the cornerstone of your jewelry wardrobe.

950 platinum

15/16" H  x 1 7/8" W x 1/2" D 

200cts faceted Tanzanite beads

3.8 – 4.6mm, set of 3 strands

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