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"Crown" Pendant

I always pictured the "Crown" with a pink tourmaline drop and white cultured pearls, but I made 2 pipe cleaner models and then wove at least 3 silver samples before determining the final dimensions and structure. 

The "Crown" is a complex design:  radiating out from the center like a starfish, each of the 5 arms is woven flat.  The arms are then shaped to meet at the top, so all the warp wires can be woven together in the round, forming a cylinder.  Woven into this cylinder is an armature with a jump ring at the top for a chain or cording, and another at the bottom for the pink tourmaline briolette.  When the weaving reaches the top of the armature, the cylinder’s warp wires are spread out and curled down.  Continuing to weave in the round – on the outside of the cylinder, just like a double layer basket – completes the "Crown".

22kt & 18kt gold
14.07ct pink tourmaline
cultured pearls

2” H x 1 1/2” W x 1 1/2” D


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