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"Aquamarine Rhapsody" Pendant

950 platinum
31.08ct aquamarine carved by Sherris Cottier Shank
cultured pearls

3 11/16” H x 1 1/4” W x 1/2” D

Preparing for an annual exhibition of gem and jewelry photographers at a major gem show, Robert Weldon requested a magnificent new jewel to photograph.  His request inspired me to again collaborate with Sherris Cottier Shank. 

The process was extraordinarily fun and rewarding.  I began by sketching various shapes for a pendant, and then interpreted those shapes in pipe cleaners to find the one most pleasing.  When the best pendant form emerged, I wove it in silver to test my ideas in metal, and determine the approximate dimensions for the drop.  Only then, when every detail of the design was technically correct, did I create the final pendant in platinum.

Sherris found a rare piece of unenhanced Nigerian aquamarine rough that was large enough to carve the “plump” drop that I imagined.  She caught my vision perfectly, carving this exceptionally blue and bright aquamarine briolette.  Weighing 31.08 cts and measuring 21.24mm H x 16.04mm W x 15.24mm D, the aquamarine is carved around the entire circumference, and is gorgeous – and different – from all viewing angles.


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