"Paisley" Centerpiece/Pendant


22kt & 18kt gold
6.5mm & 8.0mm Moissanite
cultured freshwater pearl necklace, 18kt gold neckwire

1 13/16” W x 1 1/4” H x 1/2” D

Winner of a 2001 Saul Bell Design Award for jewelry design, the "Paisley" is wearable four different ways:  as a horizontal centerpiece, shown on cultured freshwater pearls; as a slide on a chain, cording or an omega; as a vertical pendant, shown suspended from a gold neckwire; or, using a stickpin as the attachment mechanism, as a brooch.  A show-stopper in gold or platinum with diamonds and pearls.

Award:   2001 Saul Bell Design Award

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