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"La Cage Ouverte" Pendant

22kt & 18kt gold

14.6mm cultured Tahitian pearl
1 3/4” H x 1/4” – 1 1/2” W x 1 3/8” D

I found a fabulous, natural color, cultured Tahitian pearl:  large, spherical, silver gray body color with blue, green and rose overtones. 

My first thought was of an open form, like the "Crown", because the beauty of the pearl must be visible from all angles.  It has to feel accessible, it needs to be surrounded by negative space.

I designed a pendant with three arms and created each individually by weaving out from the center (where the pearl now sits).  Bringing them together at the top, I shaped the arms like the onion domes of St. Vasily’s Cathedral in Moscow.  I then wove all the wires together, in the round, creating the inverted cone shape.  Capped with a simple bail, the pendant can be suspended from gold chain or silk cording. 

The pendant’s open arms showcase the entire pearl.
The pearl’s luster, like a mirror, reflects the woven gold on its smooth surface.  A very special jewel.


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