Making the “Toccata” Pendant


Seven feet of 18kt gold warp wire plus over 38 feet of 22kt gold weft wire created the 22-5/8 woven linear inches from which I formed the 4-3/4” high x
1-3/4” wide x 3/4” deep pendant.

Step 2
Step 1
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5

In “Toccata”, four meandering ribbon-like lines curl back on themselves and then interlace with each other. Follow the design from sketches to prototypes and then mouse over the thumbnails below to see the sequence of steps that creates the pendant.

Pipe Cleaner Pre-prototype
Silver Prototype

First set of sketches

Pipe Cleaner Pre-prototype


The silver prototype is a full-scale model, testing the 3-dimensional design in woven metal. The prototype is where I refine the design. For Toccata, it shows me that all sections must have a uniform width (i.e., 3 wires) and the bottoms must interlace, rather than hang down straight (as in the pipe cleaner prototype). I added a pipe cleaner to simulate a more pleasing shape and width for the mid-section. The prototype becomes the shaping guide for the gold pendant.

Silver Prototype

I use pipe cleaners to test the design in 3-D and tell me approximately how long to make each section.